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Driving Lights and Grill

This is a second version of the Tangent Driving Light and Grill kit. This new version has a stainless steel grill, fewer parts, a new mounting plate that incorporates the light brackets and new lights. The lights have 1 clear bulb and 1 blue. We have the same dual bulb lights that allow use as DRLs. But, as opposed to new LED look, these are old school incandescent bulbs and more in keeping with our classic car theme, but with an upgrade. 

This kit includes driving lights and an stainless grill assembly that will fit into an unused oil cooler opening. All parts are included with full instructions, you assemble the parts. The only machining required will be four mounting holes drilled into the fiberglass floor area of the oil cooler opening.

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                                 Lights and Stainless Grill Kit . . . . . $199.95 each  

                                                 CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE  Please Contact us for details



The lights are a quality set with alloy housings and glass lenses. They come with a fused wiring harness and double throw rocker switch. The lights are very bright 55 watt halogen bulbs which are replaceable. These lights also have the benefit of being a dual bulb unit. Each light has an auxiliary blue 5 watt "parking" lamp. This can be used as is or swapped out for a clear wedge base bulb and use the lights a DRL's or Daytime Running Lights.

The lights and grill are a very good proportional fit to the opening and compliment the exposed radiator. Mounting hardware and internals can be painted black (which they are not here) as to hide the hardware. There is substantial mounting hardware behind what's seen which means there is little, if any, opportunity to mount an oil cooler behind. Many car don't have or need one anyway. The kit can be installed at any stage of construction or after. This is a cool kit for guys that may be finished with their cars and looking for something new to add.

All the fabricated parts are cold rolled steel sheet stock and all of the supplied hardware is stainless steel. The glass on the bulbs is crystal clear and the light coming from them is bright white. The supplied parking lamps are tinted blue, if you don't want or like them they change out easily.

Here are the drawings. A full set with dimensions come with each kit.  

Here are the instructions. A full set comes with each kit.  

Driving Light and Grill Assembly and Installation Thanks for your purchase of the kit. Please take a few minutes and read through these instructions and study the drawings completely before proceeding.

 Thanks for your purchase of the kit. Please take a few minutes and read through these instructions and study the drawings completely before proceeding.

 Parts list –

  1. Driving Light Package, includes switch and wiring harness
  2. 2x2x17-1/2” Steel Mounting Plate
  3. 1 pc Stainless Steel Grill Shell
  4. Bag of Hardware that includes;
  • 2- Steel Brackets for attaching grill to mounting angle
  • Mounting Plate to body package consisting of;

4 pcs 18-8 SS Button Head Socket Cap Screw 1/4x20x1”

4 pcs 18-8 SS Large OD Flat Washer 1-1/4” OD ¼” Screw Size

4 pcs 18-8 SS Spring Lock Washer ¼”

4 pcs 18-8 SS Hex Nut 1/4x20

  • Grill Brackets to Mounting Plate package consisting of;

2 pcs 18-8 SS Fully Threaded Hex Head Cap Screw 1/4x20x1/2”

2 pcs 18-8 SS Spring Lock Washer ¼”

2 pcs 18-8 SS Hex Nut 1/4x20

4 pcs 18-8 SS Flat Washer ¾” OD 1/4” Screw Size

  • Grill Assembly package consisting of;

4 pcs 18-8 SS Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw 6/32x1/4”

4 pcs 18-8 SS Hex Nut 6/32

4 pcs 18-8 SS Spring Lock Washer #6 Screw Size

  • Miscellaneous Wiring package consisting of;

4 pcs Adhesive Back 4-Way Cable Tie Mount (Black)

4 pcs Compact 4-Way Cable Tie Mount for #8 Screw (White)

4 pcs 410 SS Hex Washer Head Self-Drilling Screw

10 pcs Nylon Cable Tie 4” long (Black) 


Parts Prep – (recommended) For corrosion protection and to minimize the visibility of the mounting plate and brackets, these parts should be painted black - rattle can wrinkle, flat or gloss is fine as long as it’s good quality. Rustoleum preffered. Clean these parts with alcohol or degreaser, spray and give time to dry.

  • 1 pc- Steel Mounting Plate
  • 2 pcs - Steel Grill to Mounting Plate Brackets

 Car Prep – Remove the lower aluminum panel from in front of the radiator. If this can’t be removed then all work will have to be done from underneath, which will make an easy job not so easy. Placing the front of the car on jackstands and having the radiator aluminum off is the easiest of all. Protect your paint around the nose opening with a layer or two of blue painters tape.

 Light Prep – (consider) The supplied lights have two 5 watt “blue” wedge base bulbs as auxiliary parking lights. You may want to consider changing these bulbs to clear lights to allow you to use the assembly as DRLs or daytime running lamps. It’s easiest to do this at this stage. The lights are “bayonet” style lamps and available at any auto parts store. A Sylvania 194LL (long life) is a good choice.   

Grill Assembly – The new Stainless Grill Shell is formed from sheet stock. Study the drawings and you’ll see that the grill brackets are formed as lefts and rights. The “ears” of these brackets face away from each other toward the outside of the car. Carefully spread and wiggle each end of the grill shell onto the bracket fingers until the small bolt holes line up enough to push the 6-32 pan head screw through. If you have a scratch awl, this will help with the alignment. Take your time, this might be a bit tricky. After you get all four screws, lock washers and nut in place you can tighten them down good.

 Now fasten the assembly to the Mounting Plate using the 1/4x20x1/2” stainless cap screws, washers, lock washers and nuts. Snug these nuts for now. You’ll see the holes in the Mounting Plate are actually slots that will allow up and down adjustments.

 You will also see that the grill slats most likely will need “adjustment” for parallel separation and consistent spacing. This is easily done with fingers pushing up or down on the front edges as needed. You’ll find the design allows the back tabs to “float” in the retaining fingers and once the adjustment is made is pretty solid. You can even use small black ty-wraps through the holes and around the back tabs if you wish, most likely not necessary though.

 Light Assembly – Unpack the lights and attach the Mounting Plate brackets as shown on the plans using the bolts from the light hardware pack. The lights are typically mounted with the small bulbs outboard giving the widest distance of the DRLs, but it is up to you. All of these connections should be loose enough to allow adjustment at this point.

Car Installation - Carefully place the assembly into the oil cooler opening and adjust for preferred look. This may be a little awkward to do because the fiberglass floor is bowed upward in the middle. Take your time and get the best placement you can of the assembly, front to back and side to side. There should be room for final adjustments after attachment. Mark the two outside mounting holes in the bottom of mounting angle. I recommend a final hole size of ½”. The best bit to use for this operation is a step drill, this makes a very nice hole and will not grab or splinter the glass. If you have to enlarge a hole these are extremely handy to have.

 Test mount the assembly to the car using the button head bolts and large fender washers from coming up from under the car. You should have enough adjustment in everything to get the lights even from side to side, rotate them to the correct angle and, have the lights spaced away from the grill evenly. Once you get it like you like it then mark and drill the remaining two center mounting holes in the body.

Now move on to wiring. 

Wiring – Follow the wiring instruction supplied with the lights. Depending on your configuration, and state of completion, it may be easiest to pick up power at the starter. The wiring harness has its own fuse for protection. Use the supplied mounting hardware to secure the harness for your chosen path. Be mindful of suspension movement and interference. Once you get the wiring all buttoned up and the lights working place the car on a level area to adjust the lights. Get the farthest beam and most symmetrical lighting you can.

You may want to remove the assembly now and tighten the lamps and grill shell. Everything can be bent and tweaked, even the angle of the Mounting Plate, in order to get the adjustment just right. Take your time, replace in opening and tighten mounting bolts.

After you’ve finished aligning everything, make sure all of the hardware is tight and the harness is secure. Reassemble the car and enjoy your new modification.




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                                   Lights and Stainless Grill Kit . . . . . $199.95 each 

                                                  CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE  please Contact us for details


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