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Showcar Podium

Showcar build photo album Podium

Here is a new product for the finished cars that look beautiful but hide all of the fantastic Engineering and Work that went into the journey to becoming the machine it is. 

The idea is that you can drive your car to a show, quickly set this stand up and pull your front tire onto the base to lock it sturdy. and the support struts running the length of the base make the entire upright assembly very sturdy so there is no risk of it getting blown and scratching the car. Then you can set your cars build photo album or framed dyno sheet or Magazine article onto the stand to tell the "whole story" of your cars build while you walk the show. They are designed as 3 main parts that can quickly be taken down to pack up into a small roadster trunk.

These podiums are in limited stock so please allow 2-3 weeks for fabrication and Powdercoat. Your order will be charged in the interim. Satisfaction guaranteed or money back.

Raw or Powdercoat

Here are some pictures of a Silver Vein powdercoated podium in front of Dons FFR.

Here is a Podium at Taj Garage in Raleigh in front of a nice frame off restored Convertible 396 C2 Vette.

Raw or Powdercoat

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