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The Tangent T Top

NOTE; Unfortunately the Tangent T-Top has been mothballed. The entire project could be for sale as I have a complete set of molds and have contacted DS at FFR and he did express interest in bringing this project home, however he allowed they have several pending projects of their own at the moment. For those that are truly interested in seeing this project come to completion and be available, please express your interest to DS or if you have an interest in purchasing the molds  Please contact me.  This was a massive undertaking in time and materials - simply too much for me to absorb at the moment. Anyone that has ideas I'm willing to listen.

All the best, Don

The information below has been left for no other purpose than, well, the hell of it. It represented a big part of my life for many months. I'm hesitant to delete it.

Thanks so much for being a part of this process and helping us bring a valuable part to the roadster legacy.

Pricing; The prices below already reflect the discounts of %50, %33 and %25. The projected cost for the complete top will be around 3k (eventually, as the economy improves).


Previous Tangent Customers Special These three spots have already been taken - Big thanks to Gary, Joseph and Kinney!

The Specials below are still available as of 11/12/10, hurry and place your order, we most likely will not see prices like this again. Once these start shipping and the beta bugs have been worked out a more reasonable (for us) pricing schedule will be shown.


First two FFCars Forum Customers get %33 off any configuration. $1991.00 for a complete top or, $1531 complete top minus side windows or, $627 rear windscreen only. Only two of these combinations will be sold (unless both are windscreens only)


Third and Forth FFCars Forum Customers get %25 off any configuration. $2262.00 for a complete top or, $1740 complete top minus side windows or, $712 rear windscreen only. Only two of these combinations will be sold (unless both are windscreens only)


Thanks for the interest and support. Please shoot me any questions you may have.

All the best, Don

At the time of making the deposit, you will have the choice of complete top, complete top minus side windows, or rear windscreen only. I will confirm your spot and choices upon deposit receipt with an e-mail.

                                                             Beta Deposit,  Tangent T Top Kit . . . . . . CLOSED 

All the best, Don (Last updated 11/11/10)

 As ya'll know, there just isn't that much available in hard tops for these cars, and even though many talented guys have tried their hand, there just isn't too much you can do design-wise and make it look good. Believe me, we've modeled clay on bodies since the day I got my own kit eight years ago, there just isn't too much you can do if you are going over the roll bars and then stop shy of the trunk. (LeMans style excluded of course)


Anyway, we thought differently about the problems we've been reading about and seeing for years. Guys have wanted a rear windscreen, we want a top that looks good, we want top that has usage flexibility, we want windows and cold weather drivability. We want our driving season extended if we live north, we want shade from the heat if we're in the west. And we want to change it all up in a matter of minutes if need be. Plus, the significant other wants to ride without having their hair torn up. Let's face it, a roadster is great, but the weather isn't always. 


Enter the Tangent T-Top. It comprises several different elements and a guy can pick and choose options based on geographic location, wants and wallet. The top will be a kit similar to how the parts arrive from FFR. It will also be broken down at convenient body lines to facilitate easy shipping.


The first part will be the back windscreen and a guy could stop there. Similar to a targa top bar. The next step is the t-bar and front windshield halo. The halo is intended to be the only piece that will mount semi-permanent. All the other parts can come and go. Then you have the t-top panels which will pivot up for entry and exit, and then the side window. The side window is a slider, but the cool thing is that it too will be pivot on the t-top panel and lift up and stay in place. It may fold down next to the t-top panel or "stick out" like a quasi gull wing. The hardware will dictate what can be done. It should look cool at car shows with the t-top panels lifted like gull wings.


Much like FFR. We're not standing idle in these times. We plan on being ready as times get better. It's a big gamble, but FFR and forum guys are an industrious bunch. Our sales of Tangent kits have been down, but steady. I'd rather stand with you guys than put any  future in a "corporate" gig.


At this point, some of the finer points of hardware and installation are working, but you can be sure these items are being designed with quality, form and function in mind. As these parts are developed, you will be in the loop with pictures and explanations, hopefully with feedback from you as a beta customer.


As previously allowed, this will be a kit similar to as supplied by FFR. At this point the kit is designed for MKIII and earlier versions. Response will dictate updating to fit the MKIV. (Note: I have a potential customer that will modify to fit a MK4 and we'll go from there) As in originally building the car, there will be work (fun) required to complete the T Top project. These items may/will include;


•     Bodywork and paint. The surface finish is a sandable gel-coat, final blocking and prepping for paint will need to be done as one would do on any automotive finish.

•     The fiberglass parts will be sized for convenient shipping. I anticipate the box size to be about 16"W x 24"H x 60"L. This means that the rear windscreen will be in three pieces as will be the front windshield halo. The parts may be prepped and painted first, then bolted together, or they may be "hard" assembled using typical bodywork methods. This is going to be a customer decision. Either way, it will look great.

•     The fiberglass parts will be made from vinyl ester resin. Superior to typical fiberglass resins. This will allow for ease of repair, modification, production and heat protection. It's the same material that FFR uses for their bodywork.

•     The fiberglass parts may need slight modification to fit your roadster. The rear windwings my need slight grinding. The rear window upright may need fitment due to differences in the hoop radius. The supplied fitment will/should be close, but we simply can't account for everyone's bodywork or modifications. One reason we're using vinyl ester resin and a sandable primer/gel-coat. We'll be here with help and even materials to make sure you get it right.

•     Hardware may have to be painted, installed. (note, most hardware is now glass parts)

•     Windows, (acrylic) will be cut out, but they will need holes drilled and installation. 

•     Weather-stripping will need to be installed.

•     Fitment of t-tops and side windows may need to be done. They will be supplied close to a size that may work with just a bit of cleaning up, but there may be an difference in your vehicle that may dictate a little fitment work. Again, we'll be here and the final instructions will be a big help.


We expect this top to get a lot of use, looks and attention. There is nothing out there like it. The t-tops will pivot upward for entrance and exit, they will most likely not be balanced, but will have automatic "stop" mechanism that will hold them in the open position. This will look pretty cool while the car is sitting static. It remains to be seen just how the side windows will interplay with t-tops, one version has them sticking out sideways similar to a gull wing doors, or simply folding down once the top are upward, or the ability for both.

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